How was sewing different in the past? Sewing machines were so limited back then. They only did a straight stitch or at most a zig zag stitch. They were heavy, solid cast iron or metal. Users expected to maintain and service their own sewing machine. Today, sewing machines are much lighter weight, smoother operating, and offer loads more features. Some think that makes them complicated, but any sewing machine user can learn how to do their own sewing machine service.

fixing Modern Sewing Machine

Self reliance was expected, and caring for ones sewing machine was no different. This expectation was often a matter of finances or practicality. In most cases, the user understood how to adjust, clean, and oil their own sewing machine. Gradually, the sewing world changed. New power systems, electronic, computer board turned that cast iron single stitch into a powerful dynamic super sewing machine with hundreds of stitches and amazing possibilities. Were things simpler, or just more primitive? I suppose it is a matter of opinion, but sewing machines certainly have advanced. Better sewing machines today offer hundreds of stitches, spectacular lighting, and loads of convenience features. They are amazing. Occasionally, I hear a customer say, I am perfectly happy with my old sewing machine, I would never consider one of those computerized sewing machines. I never argue with them, but sometimes, I will offer the customer a new loaner machine while her machine is being repaired. It is amazing how many new machines get sold that way. Repairing sewing machines, however, requires a high level of technical skills. The more advanced the sewing machine, the more skills you need. Many users feel overwhelmed and fearful they might break their baby. The expert sewing machine repair technician has become even more important to the user. Unfortunately, before calling for help from a professional technician, many people will seek the aid of an inexperienced friend, neighbor, or husband. Often this is a recipe for disaster. Yes, there are some easy fixes, but turn the wrong screw, get the tensions, timing, balance, or feed out just a little, and the machine stops working at all. Specialized sewing machine repair knowledge and skill are vital in todays amazing world of sewing machines. You can be the one with this knowledge and skill. You can learn how to do sewing machine repair yourself. A good sewing machine repair course will enable your to successfully service your own sewing machine. It is easy to learn these skills. You can be your own sewing machine repair technician. My wife was doing custom sewing out of our home, but the costs of sewing machine repair was a problem. At the same time, several people responded to my wifes sewing ads with requests for sewing machine repair. So, I began learning how to do it myself. It took only a few months before the expense turn into a real profit center. Yes, we made money doing sewing machine repair, and so can you. What if you could save $4,000 by doing your own sewing machine repair over the life of your sewing machine? What if you could repair your friends and neighbors sewing machines? What if you could make real money doing sewing machine repair? How can you discover the secrets of sewing machine repair? You will need some basic tools. You will need a good sewing machine repair course. Then you can enjoy years of a great hobby practicing the art and skills of sewing machine repair.